100% Human and Blake Bogosian Shoot at Corduroy Media

Mar 1, 2015

One of the best parts of having a production company is getting to support the work of other artists and filmmakers. When I got a Kickstarter campaign email last year to help fund Blake Bogosian’s short Documentary series 100% Human I jumped at the opportunity. Blake was one of Corduroy’s early editors when the company was still run out of a spare bedroom. I remember one afternoon when working together he discovered a pigeon stuck inside the wall and rescued it by opening the drawer of a built in cabinet. Anyway Blake is a fantastic story teller but the the thing that drew me to his project 100% Human, beyond his ability to tell a compelling story, was the simplicity of the device through which he decided to tell these stories. His project is a series of very short (1-2min) documentaries on what makes each subject human … the stories are as broad as the subject matter … Each piece is shot and finished in simple black and white photography and contain barely more than an interview and a signature.

100% Human is raw simple story telling at it’s finest – refreshing, inspiring and sometimes sad, this series honors the diversity in each one of us while recognizing that with which we have in common…

Executive Creative Director, Corduroy Media

Carl D. Brown