Approach / Authentic Storytelling

Disruptive technology and innovations in digital filmmaking have made video production a viable hobby for virtually anyone with access to a computer and a cell phone… but is that all it takes?


At Corduroy Media, we believe there’s a lot more to good storytelling than having a snazzy phone in your pocket. And we should know. We’ve been telling stories through film, video, photography, and animation since 2003, and we’re damn good at it. We pride ourselves in our ability to take a seed idea and build a story and a concept around it. We help our clients identify the story they want to tell, the story’s goal and key messages, and the best medium to transmit that story to the right audience.

“I first starting working with Carl and Corduroy Media in 2005 and I’ve continued to hire them because I know that the final piece will be extremely professional and effective. But more than that, I know that the process will be creative, collaborative, and fun – qualities that are often hard to find in one place.”

Dave Yanofsky

Director of Media and Youth Development, Connect Ed California


We provide both creative and production services for projects big and small. Whether you’re in need of a corporate video, a commercial project, or a feature length documentary, we are dedicated to meeting your needs. We specialize in on-location video production and creative direction, and will effectively manage everything for you – from creative concept and pre-production logistics to photographic and lighting design and on-screen talent direction. We work hard to develop a creative approach that remains within the scope and budget of each client.

Concept Video Production


At Corduroy Media, we stand strong in our belief that thorough planning is a vital ingredient to a successful project. During pre-production planning and concept development we meet with each client to discuss concept and map out a proposal addressing the project’s unique elements. In this phase, we address the following:

  • Goal – What is your goal for the project? ( e.g. fundraising, promotion, new product launch)
  • Audience – Who is your primary audience? (e.g. funders, prospective clients, hospital administrators)
  • Message – What information do you want your audience to walk away with?
  • Venue/format – How will people see your film, video, animation, or photograph? (e.g. web, broadcast, side of a bus)

After we answer these primary questions, we can focus on style, content, timeline, and logistics.

Focus on video production


This is the fun part. After all the heavy lifting we do in pre-, we can execute the photography according to plan. And because we handle all aspects of production in house (rather than using outside vendors to execute our ideas), we will be intimately familiar with your project. If we need to tweak something mid-project, we don’t have to send an email and wait for a response; we just open the door and shout for the appropriate team member. And – done! So, what you get is both flexibility and consistent quality. Although we always begin with a very clear idea of the look, feel, and direction of the concept, we allow room for projects to grow, change, and develop organically. It also doesn’t hurt that we own all of our own tools and equipment so we always have the exact right tool for the job.

On shoot video production