Approach / Creative Execution

At Corduroy Media, we produce video content, still photography, and animation in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Behind all these different mediums is one driving force: An obsessive focus on creativity.

Creative Direction

Before we even get to the medium in which our clients want to display their work, we get down and dirty with the concept. We provide creative direction, concept development, script writing, and storyboarding services. The way we see it, every idea is like a seed. That seed needs to be nurtured, watered, and maybe even moved around to a different part of the garden before it can flourish. Ideas need concept development to make sure the execution (whether video content, still photography, or animation) translates into something unique. No, we don’t work within your organization, and this is a good thing! Ever heard someone tell you not to edit your own work? This applies to creative production as well. Let’s face it, you are too close to your mission. You are emotionally involved. As creative professionals, we absorb your ideas, let them swirl around our overactive imaginations, get excited, bounce ideas all over the place, and come up with concepts that illustrate your mission clearly.

“From concept and creative direction through filming and editing the final cut, Carl and his team are absolute professionals. Carl has tremendous creative insight, translating any communication objective easily into provocative and creative visual storytelling. He and his team have become an integral part of our marketing team, and we will continue to work with Corduroy.”

Heather Blonkenfeld

Marketing Director, Kurt Salmon

Script Writing

Ever heard of Austin Kleon? Kleon is an inventive thinker, artist, and writer who is most famous for Newspaper Blackout, a collection of poems made by redacting newspapers with a permanent marker. His latest book, Steal Like An Artist, details ten things Kleon claims “nobody told you about being creative.” One of his tips: Creativity Is Subtraction. When we write your script, we take in all your information, reports, mission statements, and boil it down to a clear, concise script that pairs beautifully with visual content. We use sample images to illustrate the direction the photography will take, and we detail the camera moves, graphic effects, and voice-over treatments that will all work together to move the story forward. Once we have the script roughed in, we turn to a style-board or storyboard to help communicate the visual concepts that will illustrate the story. This allows for the exploration of ideas, words, and images without wasting valuable production time. It’s like the drawing board for us – you get to tell us what you like, don’t like, and what you love.

Post Production

We take most projects all the way from creative concept through production and post-production. But even if we didn’t produce your entire project we can jump in during post-production and help you refine the pacing and flow to enhance the key message or theme. We can provide a supervised edit in our private edit bay, or a remote edit, (by delivering cuts over our secure server). Either way, the work we do will strengthen your story and help enhance the entire project. No matter what approach we take, we provide plenty of opportunity for client feedback, direction, and collaboration. Once you give written feedback, we’ll deliver a final cut for your approval.