Be Bold: A Lesson of Content Strategy with UC Hastings

Aug 2, 2019

In today’s world, you have to be bold with your values- not because it’s good for marketing, rather, because it’s what the world needs. I have always found that the more you pursue your voice, even though it can be scary, the more the universe responds with opportunities and connections that fit what you want. I think the same can be said for brands. As a San Francisco video production company and creative agency rolled into one, it is our job at Corduroy Media to help our clients strategize their visual storytelling and execute. One of our favorite clients, UC Hastings, has never shied away from being bold, and it is no surprise that they were on board to create a new campaign that emphasizes the strong values of the institution and its alumni. We produced a range of content, including still images, design, print, and street pole banners, but for now I’d like to just share the video portion of the campaign. Julia Olson, a UC Hastings alumni, is suing the federal government over climate change. It is an amazing case that takes perseverance, intelligence, and profound optimism. While climate change has become a political issue, UC Hastings didn’t shy away from taking a side. This decision may ostracize some potential students, or even some wealthy alumni- but how many more amazing people will be drawn to Hastings because of this strategy? Only time will tell, but in my opinion, Hastings will be on the right side of history. To maximize the outreach, we also created this social cut below. If you are interested, you can see our full body of work for UC Hastings in their client portfolio.

-Sean Donnelly, Creative Director.