Carl Brown Teaches a New Video Production Workshop with TILT in San Francisco

Feb 8, 2009

Along with providing video production services to a variety of commercial and non-profit clients I often teach Video Production Workshops for TILT and other educational groups.

TILT (Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools) works within schools and community-based programs to teach young people the fundamentals of movie-making and media literacy through hands-on training in video production. Programs equip young people with the tools to critically understand media messages and to create their own alternative media. Through a combination of technical training and hands-on experience we give students the means to gain a meaningful voice in media and to tell their own stories.

For the next six weeks I will be teaching High School students at Booker T. Washington Community Center in San Francisco a basic video production workshop. Working with Middle and High School students is a fun and rewarding experience. Part of our ethos at TILT is to allow the students to construct what ever type of media project or video that they choose as long as there are respectfully of all people and cultures and don’t endanger the physical well being of the students. Helping young people understand the construction and production of media helps them to navigate this brave new world of constant media bombardment.

Without a clear understanding of how media messages are constructed, who produces them, and what their intended purpose is young people are much more susceptible to media manipulation. This can often lead to problems with body image, misogynistic behavior, over consumption of material goods, violence and drug and alcohol abuse. Once young people are taught the highly effective language of media they are better able to make well informed decisions about their own media consumption and decipher the often times hidden messages behind advertisements, films, and television shows. Once we cover the basics of media literacy the workshop is taught basic tools to construct their own film or video.

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Thanks, Carl D. Brown

ED, Corduroy Media