Carl Brown works with Producer Ocean Macadams on a Digg Dialogg’s Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jun 9, 2009

For ten months last year I worked with MTV’s Choose or Lose Campaign covering social and political stories that affect the youth of California. Along with winning an Emmy, one of the great pleasures of this assignment was working with Ocean Macadams. Ocean, the former VP of News and Docs, was my editor. He reviewed, provided feedback, and approved my stories before they went to web or TV for broadcast. His feedback and support helped me grow as a producer and content creator.

Last week I received a call from Ocean who was just wrapping a CNN/Digg interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger and asked if I would be available for a rush post-production job to create a teaser and wrap-up of the interview for Digg. After shuffling some work for another client, we spent 15 hours the following day at the Corduroy Media post-production studio creating the two pieces for Digg.

Ocean was great to work with and really created an atmosphere of collaboration. Here are the two spots that we created for Digg Dialogg.

Digg Dialogg Teaser with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Digg Dialogg Interview Wrap-Up with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger