Haggar Clothing Co.

A New Visual Strategy for a Classic Brand

Haggar is a classic American brand with a lot to be proud of. The company has been around since 1926 and currently holds the mantle for the #1 selling dress pant brand in the U.S. They also are the makers of the iconic Football Hall of Fame Gold Jacket.

The problem is, nobody knew about it.

Haggar had dropped off of major marketing campaigns after reaching the top of the market in the 80’s and had been resting on their product ever since. But as they saw competitors reaching for their #1 title, and their main consumer aging, they knew they needed to come up with a new media strategy, so the Hall of Fame Dad Campaign was born.

Haggar knows who they are and who they are not. While we needed to attract a younger audience, going coastal hipster wasn’t going to feel authentic. We designed a multi series video campaign based on a simple proof point – a majority of dads don’t feel like they hear “I love you” enough. This played right into our call to action, encouraging people to submit stories on why their Dad should be a Haggar Hall of Fame Dad.

To support the campaign and highlight the connection to the Hall of Fame Gold Jacket, we shot a separate piece of content with Hall of Fame Running Back Emmitt Smith.

Combined with social cuts and a soon to be released video on the winning entry, the campaign was a huge success, getting millions of views across social channels and getting picked up by CBS, NBC Sports, and SoulPancake.