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We offer a fresh approach to corporate video production, still photography, and concept development in the San Francisco Bay Area. From B2B marketing to B2C commercial content for advertising, we deliver high-end creative content.

Creating the Concept

Late last year we received a call from one of our regular clients, Kurt Salmon – a global management consultancy firm of more than 1,600 consultants in 15 countries across five continents. As a growing company, Kurt Salmon is always looking to attract the best and brightest from America’s top universities. They came to us to create a series of videos and still photographs around the theme, “We Are Kurt Salmon.” This is a great example of one reason our clients come to us: We are more than just hired shooters. We offer a complete creative production solution from concept to execution to final delivery.

“From concept and creative direction through filming and editing the final cut, Carl and his team are absolute professionals. We partnered with Corduroy Media on several video and still photography projects, all of very different flavors, and were very pleased with all of them. Carl has tremendous creative insight, translating any communication objective easily into provocative and creative visual storytelling. He and his team have become an integral part of our marketing team, and we will continue to work with Corduroy.”

Heather Blonkenfeld

Marketing Director, Kurt Salmon

Developing the Story

We produced two videos in a documentary style that featured Kurt Salmon’s young consultants. The story we crafted during pre-production was designed to take potential recruits on a journey into the world of Kurt Salmon. On the still photography end, we decided to shoot powerful portraits of associates that would communicate confidence and strength. Working with Kurt Salmon, we identified two of their target markets with the greatest needs, which led us to shoot in San Francisco, CA and Atlanta, GA.

Executing the Vision

We loaded in to the Kurt Salmon San Francisco offices with our production crew and got to work. We filmed our interviews with two HD cameras to provide a variety of options for framing and cuts to keep viewers engaged. We used a mix of dolly shots, time-lapse, and staged action for b-roll that resulted in dynamic photography. The next day, we switched gears and brought out backdrops and portable strobes to turn the Kurt Salmon offices into a photo studio. We worked one-on-one with our subjects to help them feel comfortable and bring out their personalities. At the end of the day, we loaded up our gear and took a red eye flight to Atlanta to capture the other half of our project.

Final Delivery

Kurt Salmon was pleased with the results. They featured the videos throughout their recruitment efforts, and used photographs as banners at top universities across the country.

…It all began with a creative concept.

Corduroy Media works hard to lead a strong collaboration on creative direction with every one of our clients. We often tell clients that “you know your story and we know how to tell stories.” With a partnership like this, we are sure to deliver your key messages with the appropriate creative vehicle.