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When Medallia first approached us they had yet to produce any professional content and were eager to create a relationship with a San Francisco based video production company. They needed to create a variety of content from a Flagship Branding Spot to Client Testimonial Videos to Recruiting Videos and Animation…

Creating a Video Brand Identity

Medallia has been a fantastic client over the years, trusting us to help support their branding, sales, recruiting and client education needs. We have fostered a relationship with the growing company since 2011 and have produced a dynamic range of content for them including customer testimonial videos, recruiting videos, branding videos, still photography and animation.

“We looked at several production companies, and boy are we glad we chose Corduroy Media. The team offers unparalleled value – we were blown away by the polish of the final product. They crafted a story and flow that took our seed ideas and made them vastly better. And they did it all on the tightest of timelines. Collaborating with Corduroy is a no-brainer.”

Scott Buchanan

Director of Marketing, Medallia

Customer Testimonial Video

Medallia is in the business of customer feedback and providing their clients with real-time data about the customer experience to inform strategic decision making. That being said, it only makes sense that their first need in video production was to create a series of Testimonial Videos to profile their clients and how Medallia has helped them increase sales, performance and build a culture focused on customer experience. Because Medallia serves clients of all sizes in a variety of different industries it was critical for us to tell each story in a way that could reflect the unique challenges of every client while creating a body of work that feels consistent and cohesive. We were able to do that with a dynamic documentary style, using the voices of the characters to narrate each story. We capture each interview with a multi-camera set-up to keep the viewer engaged and enhance the energy and passion of each speaker. When producing b-roll we always plan scenes that will help enhance and provide additional context to our main narrative. We execute our b-roll using traditional film production techniques; setting a scene, blocking it with characters and then executing photography. This allows us to enhance the production value again capturing the attention of our audience.

Recruiting Video

With Medallia’s innovative technology they have been experiencing explosive growth over the last several years. Like many Silicon Valley based technology start-ups keeping up with growth can be a challenge that takes time and resources away from the core objective. With Medallia’s diverse hiring needs we decided to create a series of videos that focused on the unique needs of each business unit. We started with Engineering and Sales. Our goal was to reflect the young, vibrant, hard working culture that had led to its success thus far. We interviewed key players of each team and leadership about the captivating work at Medallia and what new hires can expect joining the team.

Branding Video

After working with Medallia for several years we had developed a great working relationship with their marketing team. They approached us with a new production need around B to B business development we jumped at the chance to introduce some new concepts. Looking for an opportunity to tell the Medallia story in new and compelling ways we suggested to the marketing team that we take a different approach from the Documentary content we have produced in the past. We wanted to reinforce the Medallia brand, provide key information about their offerings but do it in a compelling way that entertained as well as informed our audience. We took a commercial approach with a hint of comedy. Our team wrote a treatment about a CEO who is so tied into his customer experience that he is able to assemble his team and a response before even entering the office. Medallia technology makes responding to a customer crisis so stress free that the CEO is able to nonchalantly tour the office, check in with staff and even get a puppy for his kids before sitting down with his executive team already assembled in the board room.


Like many cloud based platforms telling the Medallia story in a compelling way that delivers information about the complexity of the offering and return on investment can be a real challenge for the sales team. That’s why Medallia approached us wanting to produce an animation project. They needed a tool that the sales team could use during an introductory conversation with a new prospect. Because we already knew the Medallia story we were a great fit. We worked with Medallia to create a short animated piece that introduced the challenge of customer experience management and also introduced Medallia as a leader in providing real-time feedback to an entire company from C-suite to the front-line. Corduroy Media worked with Medallia on developing a concept, script and aesthetic. It worked so well for them that a year later we produced the second animation in the series.