A Short Film Series To Support a $5 Billion Dollar Campaign

UCSF is out making a dramatic change in healthcare. By combining research, medicine, and a social conscious, the institution is affecting lives throughout the world. With a huge campaign goal, UCSF needed a compelling media strategy to communicate to the public and a specific group of donors.

We collaborated with UCSF leadership to develop key story themes and use a single voice narrative to create a moving series of short documentary films. Through story development and casting, we turned each story into moving, personal journeys.

The first film in the series tells a moving story of a young performer battling sickle cell.

The second film profiles the amazing journey of Dr. Tippi MacKenzie’s first patient in the first trial for a fetal stem cell transplant.

A medical student’s commitment to health equity is the subject in the latest film of the series.

The Campaign is close to its successful completion, and the video series has had a pivotal role in these fundraising efforts. Beyond general digital marketing, the content has been used to open up events and by development officers in one on one meetings with major donors.