Clients / Case Studies / UCSF

Doctors fighting childhood leukemia. Students focused on transforming how the poor access medicine. Neuroscientists using video games to study brain degeneration. One of the first surgeons fighting HIV-AIDS…

Developing the Story

When Corduroy Media, a San Francisco based Video Production Company, gets an opportunity to produce a film with subjects like these, we are humbled and enthusiastic to get to work. UCSF came to us to produce a documentary-short in honor of their 150th Anniversary.  Corduroy worked with UCSF in all stages of the movie-making process including creative development, on-location production, and post-production services.  Our team spent five days on-location shooting at both campuses and throughout San Francisco (we got to know the food courts well- Panda Express anyone?).

Executing Production

One of the major challenges we had in producing this project was telling the complete story of all the schools at UCSF and developing a strong narrative arc. We worked with UCSF’s existing themes to draw bridges between the array of characters covered in the final story. We were able to draw out connecting themes between our subjects through in depth research and pre-interviews (what we call chatting on the phone before the shoot).

Script Writing and Post-Production

Our creative team used multiple cameras to capture dynamic time lapses and cinematic scenes at every nook and cranny of the institution, from busy hospital corridors to jam-packed classes. We also shot primarily on the RED Epic, because who doesn’t love 5K Resolution and dreamy slow motion?

Based on the success of the 150th Anniversary Film, which was screened all over the world, Corduroy Media has been doing continual work with UCSF. We just completed a video and still photography project profiling major donors for an Interactive Donor Wall that will be displayed in the lobby of the new Mission Bay Hospital.