Clients / Case Studies / VISA

Visa came to us with a challenge: Produce 25 lifestyle scenes with 36 models in 10 locations… and we only had three days to shoot.

The images would be used to promote Visa’s high-end credit card, Visa Signature, on the web and in print. We went into overdrive, pouring over hundreds of headshots, and scouting locations to photograph in San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Berkeley, and Oakland.

Lifestyle Photography

We love to make striking, visually dynamic images that tell stories. Our team is passionate about creative lifestyle photography. We love every part of it, from concept development and location scouting to the high-energy excitement of shoot days.

Executing the Vision

For the Visa project, we shot an incredible variety of scenes: children running on the beach, couples enjoying romantic diners, people browsing their mobile phones, and individuals spending time at the spa. This meant we had to coordinate models on a tight daily timeline and obtain permits at Muir Beach and Sonoma