Ever watch a big Hollywood blockbuster where the hero walks away from an exploding car? You probably already figured the actor was nowhere near that explosion when it went down. But do you know what magical technology filmmakers use to keep their actors safe from fiery blasts while still thrilling their audiences?

Three words: Chroma key compositing.

What is chroma key compositing?

Chroma key compositing is another type of layering technology similar to the layered animation we talked about a few weeks ago. In the case of the aforementioned Hollywood explosion scene, the actors are often filmed in front of a green or blue screen. Then, during post-production, the background is “keyed out” and replaced with action-packed footage. Or a lavish farm…

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Why a blue or green screen? Because those shades offer a significant contrast to human skin tone, making them easy to key out.

Not just for Hollywood

Until very recently, it was hard to find a video production company outside of Hollywood that could offer green screen compositing services. Now, the sands have shifted, and advances in technology have made chroma key compositing accessible to smaller studios like Corduroy Media.

At Corduroy, we’ve been using this technique to create fresh, creative content for several clients, with outstanding results. And, no, a car explosion is not a requirement for using chroma key compositing.

Benefits of chroma key compositing

Green screen compositing is an attractive option for creating branded videos for a number of reasons.  In addition to making the people look like they are somewhere they aren’t, it offers several other advantages:

  • It’s an all-access pass to far-flung locations.
  • It’s cost-effective.
  • It saves time.
  • It’s convenient.

Even our clients who’ve been reluctant to try chroma key compositing in the past have quickly changed their tune when they saw how it can simplify the video production process—without sacrificing quality.

Small studio, big vision

Whether you’re looking for video that’s high-tech and happening or simple and slick, Corduroy Media can deliver.We’re committed to producing unique branded content, from concept to completion, and we specialize in creative solutions to everyday production problems – like how to grow a mustache farm.

Call us today, and let our San Francisco video production company give you the Hollywood treatment.