Composite Portraits

Feb 28, 2012

Here at Corduroy Media, our team specializes in producing powerful photography from concept to completion. Our San Francisco Bay Area studio provides creative direction when it comes to visually illustrating an idea, whether the results are to be applied in the commercial, editorial, corporate, or non-profit domains.

For a recent project, we wanted to communicate the idea “The Power of Electricity.” Beyond powering our televisions or appliances, electricity has the capability to connect people throughout the world and bring today’s online technology and educational tools to those who have little. To illustrate this concept we started with a shot of pier 5 in downtown San Francisco. To get the lights nice and bright, we exposed for 13 seconds.

We then went about casting our model. We decided during concept that we wanted a woman holding a light bulb with a look of hope in her eyes. Kellie McLennan is a local model who also poses at the Academy of Art University. We thought she would be a perfect fit for the concept. We used an octabox as a high key light, a ringflash for fill, and another octabox for an edge light. Again we used a slow shutter speed (1/8 second) to get that light bulb bright and provide some orange glow to Kellie’s face.

We then went about composting. Using the magnetic lasso tool, we selected Kellie as best we could. We then refined our selection in the quickmask mode, and plopped in our model onto the pier. We then used the blur tool and feather to soften our edges. We were really happy with the results!