Corduroy Media Intern Post #4 – LEARNING FINAL CUT PRO

Jul 14, 2012

The other day, I was talking with Uncle Carl about how you make music videos. He said the whole process was simple. I had already seen the first side of it at the Neurofocus shoot. After that, the rest is on the computer. You add audio and edit the video to a finished project on a program called Final Cut. When he told me that him and Andrew, an editor at Corduroy Media, would teach me, I wasn’t sure. I had seen Andrew editing videos on his computer before and it didn’t seem easy to learn.

“I didn’t say ‘easy,’” Uncle Carl corrected me,” I said simple.”

So there I was at the computer; Andrew standing over my shoulder explaining everything. First I had to get used to the screen layout. Then he showed me that on the video timeline, audio is at the bottom and the visuals are at the top. The last thing he showed me is all the buttons and commands you can use to move the pieces around to do virtually anything you want. At first it was difficult but soon I got used to it and I was speeding clips up and doing advanced commands. I thank Uncle Carl and Andrew for helping me. I didn’t even really like the finished project, but I was proud because I figured out the process and I could tell I would get better at it if I kept practicing. I could only imagine all the possibilities once I started getting good at Final Cut. It was a good start.