Corduroy Media Mural Project

What do Amy Tan, Favianna Rodriguez, Angela Davis, and Alicia Garza all have in common?

They are a part of a cadre of Oakland women who have been lifetime advocates for social equity.  All are creating messaging that stands up for marginalized communities regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic background. All of these women are from Oakland as well.

This past fall Leah Tumerman and Alexandra Bowman approached the team at Corduroy Media with the idea to create a mural on the front of Corduroy Media’s West Oakland studios.  The piece was to honor the work of these and other fierce Oakland women.  With a generous grant from Visit Oakland, Leah and Alexandra developed the piece for the building that would educate and inspire the community about about a group of women who have promoted social equity in the community:

“My hope is that young girls with their mothers, with their grandmothers, with their friends walk past the mural and see these beautiful portraits of females and think they too can be up on the side of a building 25 ft tall”.

In collaboration with the local community and Corduroy Media, Leah and Alexandra’s work culminated in a community paint day.  In its ongoing effort to engage the Oakland community and support the art, Corduroy Media captured this story and created a tribute to the artists and their hard work recognizing a group of powerful Oakland women.

“When I see this mural now I feel a sense of joy and a sense of pride.  I feel encouraged as an artist myself to that I can create something that will inspire other people”. Corduroy Media Lead Editor Crescent Diamond

“This mural helps represent a place that celebrates art, equality, social justice and shared values.” Corduroy Media Creative Director Carl Brown.

Come out and see the beautiful mural and make sure to knock on the door and visit us at Corduroy Media.  We would love to collaborate with you !

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  1. Stephen Davison

    Good work by Corduroy Media. Keep encouraging artists and women.


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March 7, 2018