Corduroy Media Produces Curriculum Videos for Connect Ed California

Feb 23, 2009

ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career is a new non-profit organization dedicated to  supporting and expanding pathways that prepare students for college and career, not one or the other. By pioneering groundbreaking school programs and partnering with innovative educators and decision makers, ConnectEd will provide the next generation of young adults with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully compete in California’s growing and dynamic economy.

I am excited to announce that Corduroy Media is now working with Connect Ed to produce a series of on-line educational videos that supports their pathways curriculum. These videos will offer students real world examples of professionals working in variety of careers. From ship builders, to journalists, to Chinese herbalists, each video in the series will introduce a professional working in their specialized field. The series will not only interview each subject but shoot them doing their job. This will give students a clear understanding of what each profession is like.

In addition to exploring different careers we will speak with each professional about their unique career and education path that lead them to their current position. By providing these real-world examples and showing students exactly what path they can take to get their we hope to open doorways and broaden horizons to all youth exposed to the curriculum.

We will be producing the multiple pathways series over the next six months. The videos will be released along with the on-line curriculum in the fall and be available to all California educators at Connect Ed Studios.