Corduroy Media Produces new Show for Guitar Tricks

Apr 1, 2009

I am very stoked to announce the new show that I am producing for Guitar Tricks is an on-line resource for Guitar Players, offering video based guitar lessons to players all over the world from the super advanced to the very basic beginner. Last week we shot the first set of shows at the Guitar Tricks Oakland studio. Each week a new show will be broadcast on-line on a variety of outlets such as, YouTube and Mypace.

Shooting in the Guitar Tricks small studio with a large bank of windows provided a lighting challenge. I wanted highlight Neal, the host, while providing some atmosphere and nuance to his immediate environment. I also had to make sure that his implements would show up well without being blown out. Many of these, such as his guitar, affects pedal and amplifier have shiny surfaces. At the same time the studio background was very dark and needed quite a bit of light to make it show up. To take a look at how I solved these problems check out my production photos from flicker on the right hand navigation of the blog.