Corduroy Media Produces Training Video for Reese Roberts Beauty in San Francisco

Feb 16, 2014

Last week the Corduroy Media team found new respect for eyelashes. In a San Francisco studio, Corduroy Media met with Reese Roberts Beauty to film an instructional video on how to create dazzling eyes.

The crew had a blast working with the client and design crew to create a spa-like experience in the concrete jungle. Three cameras captured still and moving images on dolly and tripod to show the intricate work of lash enhancement.

While Sean Donnelly worked the main camera at precarious angles to capture the gentle handwork, Carl D. Brown manned the monitors and directed the shots. It seems simple to capture two scenes in one day, but filming a long process plus, a lengthy scripted sequence and making them beautiful and interesting can be difficult. Which is likely why Reese Roberts brought their concept to Corduroy Media to gain a creative vision in order to enhance their marketing message.

The team added creative flares to ensure this tutorial would stand out from the rest. To create a unique backdrop, Adam Ducharme used gels, scrims and barn door manipulation to create an ombré finish that subtly warmed the environment.

Leigh Noe, renowned set designer, brought a carload of furnishings and accessories to add some pizzazz to the simple, elegant set. Her careful touch made the difference between a naked studio and a cosmetic fantasy.

When all the day’s specialists came together, a stylish, yet functional video was produced.

-Justin Pye