Corduroy Media Videos Premiered at Dreamforce

Dec 6, 2016

At Corduroy Media, we’re storytellers. It’s who we are and what drives all of us to come into work each day. Our creative and documentary storytelling approach to video production is also what our clients like most about us. Sometimes the stories our clients want to tell are fun and sometimes they’re more serious. And then there are those times when they are truly important and life-changing stories., the charitable and philanthropic arm of software-as-service technology developer Salesforce, has been a Corduroy Media client for years. We assist them in telling the story of how non-profits and other mission-oriented organizations are using Salesforce to help people and achieve world-changing goals. We use our skills in crafting narratives to highlight the incredible work supports all over the world. Take a look at this video we created to tell the story of Earthcorp’s efforts around resource conservation, and the role plays in their mission.

Corduroy Media and Dreamforce

In October of this year, premiered a series of new videos produced by Corduroy Media at the annual Dreamforce conference. For anyone not familiar with the magnitude of Dreamforce, it’s serious business, as you’d expect from the largest technology conference in the world. The whole city of San Francisco feels its impact. Hotels sell out, traffic grinds to a standstill and banners fly from lightpost after lightpost. This year 171,000 people from 83 countries attended with an additional 15 million following along online.

Yep. Kind of a big deal.

Take a look below at two of the four Corduroy Media videos that premiered at Dreamforce. Both illustrate the role plays in furthering the mission of non-profit organizations.


The first of the four videos was created to show the ways in which the organization RP/6 has used Salesforce to support and guide military service members who are transitioning into the civilian workforce. When you take a look at the video below, you’ll see how we helped explain the mission of RP/6 (as well as its partnership with through the personal story of Kevin Henry, a veteran whose life was changed through the organization’s work.

It’s about more than just pulling heartstrings, as the video shows. In this case, our team crafted an emotionally driven character arc that also ties closely to the technology narrative. By combining a touching personal story with clear, concise information about the technology, we created a compelling video that highlights both the Salesforce technology solution and the organization that’s using it to change lives.

The United Way

We took a slightly different approach with the video below for The United Way. Times have changed dramatically since the days where charities were simply handed checks with the belief the money would be used for a good cause. Contributors now want to know where their money is going and what it’s being used for. Additionally, where The United Way once focused their relationships mainly with Fortune 500 companies, today, in order to stay current, they now need to establish relationships with each individual donor.

The video we created highlights how The United Way has adapted to this changing environment with the help of the Salesforce platform. The technology tools Salesforce provides allow the 129-year old charitable organization to not only customize campaigns for local markets across the globe but also to more effectively track where the dollars it receives are coming from and where they’re being spent. We chose to make the organization itself the “main character” of this video in order to show how Salesforce’s non-profit technology solutions are helping them adapt to a changing world so they can continue to affect change across the globe.

We help tell strong, impactful stories

We have to admit, we are proud of our on-going relationship with Salesforce and Creating content for Dreamforce is only a small part of that relationship but it is a key annual event that helps drive energy and passion around thousands of for-profit and non-profit enterprises that are truly changing the world.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: We’re storytellers, and our approach to video production makes our relationships with clients like both strong and mutually beneficial. Because we love the work, and our clients love they way we help tell their stories.