Because We’re Different…

In case you haven’t caught wind through our recent blog posts and Facebook and Instagram feeds, we’ll just come out and say it: we’re stoked about our new broadcast commercials for Heffernan Insurance Brokers. These two 15-second spots began as little seed ideas right here at our San Francisco Bay Area video production company. We coaxed them to life all the way from creative concept development through post-production, and they’re now headed for nine different markets. Yeah, we’re kinda proud.

Because we’re different

Heffernan’s slogan is “Because you’re different.” So it seemed natural to make these commercials about people who throw out the rules and norms of the ordinary world to live their own extraordinary lives. People like a big bad biker who opens a teahouse, and a cute farmer girl who cultivates a lavish mustache farm.  

Being different is a sentiment we can relate to, because Corduroy Media is a different kind of video production company.

Breaking free from tradition

The traditional method of production goes a little something like this: a creative agency sells you a concept. Once you buy it, the agency hires a production company to bring the concept to fruition. That production company then hires a bunch of freelancers to execute, including writers, directors, and set designers. By the time your project gets to post-production, there are already (at least) three degrees of separation between you, the agency and the original vision.

At Corduroy Media, we throw out those rules and norms of traditional video production, so there’s no risk of your ideas getting lost in translation. That’s because the people who pitch the original concept before pre-production even starts are the same people who are going to see your project through to the very end.

Consistent creative from start to finish

We’re an integrated agency, meaning we handle both the creative and production aspects of every video we develop. Instead of hiring freelancers, everything from scriptwriting to set design to casting is done by members of the Corduroy team. Not only does this allow us to maintain creative control of your project, but it also enables us to keep your vision in mind during every step of the production process. The end result? A final product that’s consistent with your original concept.

In the case of Heffernan’s mustache farm, we were aiming for a surreal quality to the scene. So instead of shooting on an outdoor farm, we brought the farm indoors, and shot everything in front of a chroma screen. And since the shoot took place in our video production studio in Oakland, we were able to bring in real live farm animals to help bring the scene to life.

A small team that packs a mighty punch

At Corduroy Media, we’re willing to do what it takes to make sure we execute your vision in the right way, and sometimes that means wearing a lot of hats. Depending on the project, our creative director might also act as the director of photography, or vice versa. And one or more of us might also wallpaper the set of a teahouse, like the one that belongs to this big, bad biker:

You might wonder how can one video production company do everything from start to finish? It’s because we have humble roots. Sean and Carl began working in editorial and small productions where they had to wear all the hats, there was no-one else to share the load. Now as the creative leads of our little boutique agency they have taken those years of experience in both creative and production to run things at Corduroy.

But beyond our qualifications, we just love what we do. We love getting our hands dirty in the nitty-gritty details of the process. We love creating something out of nothing – taking a story idea and giving it a life in the real world. Video production is our passion, and we consider ourselves lucky to be able to follow each project through from concept to completion.

If you’re looking for a different kind of video production company and a different kind of result, give us a call.


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April 11, 2017