Always looking for new ways to build community and meet creative folks in the film and video industry last year I joined BAPVA, Bay Area Professional Videographers Association down in San Jose. The group was great! Talented producers, engaging and informative speakers and presenters. There was only one problem. It was in San Jose and I live and work in Oakland.

So I decided we need something similar here, in the east bay. A community group of professional film and video producers living and working in the glorious and diverse east bay. So I put the word out, found some other filmmaker’s that were interested and held our first meeting late last year. A smashing success, we had 8 pros, pizza and beer… and everyone was interested in doing it again….

Then the holidays hit and the blessings of a lot of work was hitting me and everyone else… The result was we had quite a lapse until early this year when I reached out to Michael Coleman and some other local filmmakers to re-vitalize the idea. Together we gave it another shot and had 20 people show up at the first event at Actual Cafe in Oakland.

Fast forward to June, we are holding our 3rd event at Expressions College on June 17th with DP, lighting designer and educator Bill Holshevnikoff. The event is co-sponsored by The Oakland Film Office and we are expecting a great turn out. We are already planning our July event and look forward to providing more opportunities to learn, network and grow the filmmaking community in the east bay.

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East Bay Professional Filmmakers Meet-up #3

East Bay Professional Filmmakers Meet-up

More about the Group:

East Bay Professional Filmmakers Meet-up is an opportunity for professionals who are shooting digital, DSLR, film, editing, motion graphics, and sound in the East Bay to get together and discuss latest projects, trends, technology, and to meet others in Northern CA!

More about Bill:

Bill Holshevnikoff – An award-winning Director of Photography, lighting designer and educator, Holshevnikoff has been lighting and shooting broadcast, corporate and documentary programming for over 25 years. He has created stunning lighting and imagery for clients such as Ritz-Carlton, Marriott Resorts, National Geographic, Four Seasons, Mercedes-Benz, Infinity, Cisco Systems, and for numerous television networks throughout the world. Holshevnikoff recently completed a new National Geographic special tracking the humpback whale’s migration from Hawaii to Alaska.

East Bay Professional’s Filmmaker Meet Up #3