Freezing Dogs with Slow Mo: Haggar ASPCA Web Campaign Behind The Scenes

Nov 19, 2018

Who doesn’t love dogs AND slow motion? That’s what we asked ourselves when pitching social media content to one of our favorite clients, Haggar Clothing Co. As a hybrid San Francisco video production company and creative agency, our job is to both pitch creative concepts, develop the idea, and execute on production.

Haggar launched a partnership with the ASPCA and wanted video content that was entertaining and shareable, rather than straight forward commercial¬† work. We came up with a few furry ideas, but pushed forward on the slow mo dog concept. Shot in 1000 Frames Per Second (that’s more than 40 times slower than real time), we captured a range of dogs running, chomping, and playing to give the viewer a unique perspective on actions we see every day.

Shooting in this extreme of slow motion requires a TON of light and a LOT of space. We brought in heavy lighting to our partner studio, Mama Dog Studios, set to open to the general public in early 2019. Check out the Behind the Scenes video below.