We are so pumped about the recent recognition that we got for a commercial project with new client, UC Hastings. Above the Law, a well regarded law blog, named one of our two commercial videos, The Greatest Law School Commercial Ever. UC Hastings came to us wanting to produce a series of branding commercials that uses comedy to highlight the school and the great talent of the faculty. They provided this decades old UCSF commercial as inspiration and a conversation starter. It caught our attention, and despite a limited budget we loved the direction and jumped in with both feet. UC Hastings was willing to follow our creative lead and was a great collaborator during concept development. We wrote 3 concepts and presented them to UC Hastings. We got great traction on the Coach Feldman spot and dove down the rabbit hole with the mascot piece. Who doesn’t think furries are funny?

The concept was, let’s exploit the fact that UC Hastings only teaches law as an attribute rather then a detriment, then let’s make sure to put in really accomplished lawyers and professors and not take ourselves too seriously.

The result? You Judge.