From our photo series shelter.
The Maxeys
“Slow and steady wins the race has been my mantra. Glad to see that the people around us are taking this serious. Finding solidarity in social distancing. Stressed about my older stubborn parents and their well being. Thinking how to manage school work, our now one income and working from home in what is now considered our new normal. Keeping the family positive and practicing mindfulness.” @jahluvmila #covidcreations #covidcreative #shelterinplace

Please join us today 12-1pm, speaking with Bay Area production and creative pros about how they’re adjusting during the #COVID-19 Crisis. Q & A to follow: Link in Bio.

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As many of us in the creative and production industry try and figure out what’s next during this #COVID-19 crisis we decided to host a virtual panel with Bay Area leaders in the creative & production space.
Please join us as we discuss how the #COVID-19 crisis is impacting them and their creative businesses.
Zoom link in bio - Q & A to follow.

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The latest from our photo series Shelter.
Des Lauriers
"We’re struggling and tired. We’re healthy and grateful. We’re anxious and hopeful. We’re inspired by our community. We’re making this up as we go, we’re crying and laughing in equal measure, and we’re learning what it truly means to surrender. We’re adapting. The human spirit is resilient, and every day together, a chaotic gift." @evadeslaurbooks #shelterinplace #coronaviruspandemic #portraitphotography @dreamermagazine

The McClunes
“At the time this photo was taken, we were attending a zoom birthday party for a dear friend. We loved an excuse to dress up and forget our worries. We wonder how isolation is affecting our 3 and 5 year olds’ social development. We try not to dwell on what’s to come in the Emergency Room when Ed (dad) will be on the front lines in the coming months. We fret about our older family and our community of friends, particularly the musicians in our lives, who may not be able to financially weather a long shelter in place. But there are still many moments of joy—zoom play dates, potty training victories, sparkle gel pens, daffodils, piano improv sessions, dance parties, snuggle puddles, sprinkle cookies.” #coronavirus #shelterinplace #portraitphotography

From our newest photo series, documenting people at their window during the #shelterinplace #coronavirus The Shultz Family
“There are so many emotions that we are all feeling in this time. Fear creeps in with the unknowing of what will happen with the stock and housing markets, stress takes over with every new news report especially around school closures, uncertainty and disbelief that we can possibly do home schooling, house work, prepare meals, keeping everyone sane and happy, all while being good employees and still meeting our work expectations. There are glimmers of hope that we are experiencing with how quickly our neighborhood is uniting in unique, creative ways -- creating sidewalk art to bring joy to those walking their dogs and babies, taking photos from windows to document these surreal times, and planning porch happy hours to virtually cheers and feel connections that every human craves -- to name a few. The greatest joys currently are keeping the kids happy with pillow fights and acting silly as best we can.” @aphotoeditor check it out.

Corduroy Media is not going to stop creating even amidst these extreme events. We have two projects going to document these times. We will also be sharing solutions to make engaging content within the confines of the situation.

1."Shelter in Place”
A New Documentary Exploration

We have decided to explore our own documentary project, focusing on… well… right now. We’ve all heard people say these are unprecedented times … so what better time to explore creative storytelling. We will be virtually interviewing friends, colleagues and creatives all over the bay about their experience of sheltering in place. We will also ask each individual to record a video diary over the next 3 weeks. Then through the powers of post-production we will stitch together a narrative that chronicles personal experience during this trying time.

If you're interested in participating please reach out and let us know at: Write in the subject line “Shelter in Place”. 2. A Portrait Series of Families and Individuals behind the Windows of their home. We started shooting a few in our neighborhood.

Pictured: Lisa, Faye, and daughter Ramona.
“It is a trip to be the grownups at a time like this. The future for our child feels so uncertain and scary. Hoping we all come out of this committed to taking better care of each other, as a society. Really grateful for art and community right now.”

Introducing the first recipient of the B Mason Gold Slider Award - “Franki Miranda” for her exceptional work on our latest commercial production for @haggarco - it was really a Beast!
This slider was a critical part of our early days of production - when Sean and Carl were jet-setting around the country to capture documentary stories.
This award will be given to a staff member after the completion of every large-scale project as a way of recognizing the part they played in a successful production.
Franki was our official props master, set decorator, set builder and on-set prop grip - moving doors and game pieces. She also is essential to keeping this ship sailing on the daily!
Thanks for your service Franki!

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We are so excited to announce the release of our feature length documentary “The Recruits” for the educational market with our partners at The Video Project. Click link in our bio to purchase and for more info:

We wanted to tell the story of kids going through the training process of The Young Marines, and also explore the sociological connection between the military industrial complex, economics, and education. Temecula Valley in Southern California ended up being a perfect setting. The area harkens to an era of the American Dream that seems to be fading; tract homes and mini-malls dot the valley, yet the area was hit hard in The Great Recession, and for many, the only economic opportunity is to join the military, Camp Pendleton, one of the largest Marine Bases in the U.S., is also one of the area's largest employers.

Through our exploration of The Young Marines we not only filmed close order drill, firearms training, and kids learning the Marine way of life. We explored the rich tapestry of home life and familial motivations that shape these children's opinions and personalities for life. We learned, that like many issues, The Young Marines is a more complex story than meets the eye.

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“What we can not do alone - we can do together”
@carldusseaubrown and @seandonski on set in Dallas this last week. Partners @corduroymedia
Photo @clayhaynerphoto
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