Jay Holben (Technical Editor of DV Magazine) at Bay Area Professional Videographers Association

Feb 19, 2009

After my busiest year ever, with little time to meet other video professionals I decided to start this year off with the goal of meeting more professionals in the field. I took a chance on a long running group of Bay Area professional videographers called BAPVA. Quoted from the BAPVA website; “The Bay Area Professional Videographers Association (BAPVA) was formed in 1990 to establish a strong Code of Ethics and a standard of excellence among professional videographers in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

After attending my first meeting this last Monday I was impressed. The group ranges from event and wedding videogrpahers to commercial and documentary producers. There were a few new members like myself who were attending their first meeting but many of the members had been a part of the association for years. The atmosphere was very friendly and informative. In a field that breeds an atmosphere of competition, this group was very open to sharing their experience, best practices, and joking. This laid-back atmosphere helped me feel comfortable minutes after I took my seat.

The meeting began with a short best-practices talk from one of the long-time members. He briefly discussed issues that he was having in post production and dropped the names of some helpful software to solve the problem. The main speaker was Jay Holben, Technical Editor of DV Magazine. Up from LA to speak with the group Jay discussed some ideas for staying competitive in this slow market, Digital Video trends and technology and of course DV magazine. One of his tips for staying competitive jumped out at me; provide long-term or returning clients a graduated discount during hard times. He mentioned a few ways that this could be done. One, if producing a larger package offer a discount for the year/ Two, offer a graduated discount. For example, tell your client that the next project that they produce you will do for half price, the following project you will give them a %25 discount and the third project of the year you will be back to your full price. He also suggested determining what a clients video needs are for the year and offer a package deal for the entire year.  All of these tips he emphasized should only be done with recurring clients that you have.

I’ll write about Jay’s talk on technology trends and tips in the next post…