Less is More: The art of capturing beautiful images for Samuel Merritt University

Jan 11, 2019

Remarketing keeps brands relevant, and when Samuel Merritt University decided to give their website a facelift, it was no question that they would need updated video content. Being a San Francisco Bay Area video production company and Oakland neighbor worked in our favor, and we jumped at the opportunity to create beautiful moving images for them. Powerful photography is critical to any visual story. After meeting with crucial stakeholders, our director Carl Brown and co-director B Mason quickly identified the themes and values that matter most to SMU. Some of those themes include hands-on learning, their commitment to diversity, and successful student outcomes. Tasked with making two 30 second spots composed solely with images of students in action and music, Corduroy Media accepted the challenge. No matter where a potential student started their journey – whether, on a desktop, tablet or phone, with these new spots on their website their attention is assured. We believe that the power of relatable images can significantly engage a prospecting student and we couldn’t be happier about how these spots came out.  Samuel Merritt was so thrilled with these spots that they decided to develop the videos into broadcast commercials.  We are always on the lookout for how we can assist our clients in expanding their reach by creating social media cuts, or in this case broadcast commercial versions.  The broadcast commercial will remain minimalist in style but include a voice-over narration to help tell the SMU story, keeping with the “less is more” approach. 

– B Mason, Director/Producer