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Love the new spot by Equinox, it breaks all the rules for the win. It’s too long, It’s too simple, says nothing about the brand and is bound to alienate somebody. I say good job… I watched the whole thing and it has been long enough since I lived in NYC that I almost forgot what Equinox does. Doesn’t matter …

Peep it below, it’s got 171,000 views and counting and that’s just on Vimeo.

Whether or not you are familiar with the Equinox brand, by 30secs into this video you will understand their values. You are either down with the cause and if not, Equinox is making it clear they don’t need your bidness.

It’s not about the brand it’s about something bigger… Values, Inclusion, Diversity. The Equinox video could be an ad for a local non-profit LGBTQ center that offers dance classes… The point is there is no mention or even a nod to workout equipment, steam rooms, yoga studios, agro spin instructors or foot fungus. The product (which, according to the brand itself, is health and ultimately, confidence) is subtly strewn throughout, as the subjects of the video all don excellent physiques and move with agility, grace, flexibility, and self-assurance.

Sharable content rules

We’re living in an era increasingly dominated by contagious diffusion (fancy talk for viral videos).  This pieces uses dance, rhythm, artistry, and personal testimonial (AMEN) from a diverse (SEXY) cast to create something that is theatrical and educational – so your friend that says “I just don’t understand all the letters – can’t they stop already” can learn something – and maybe, get a little turned on. As people find themselves moved or nodding their heads in agreement with the video’s message, they share it, talk about it, bring it up at the bar… And suddenly, Equinox finds itself in the middle of a conversation that is happening in the streets, on television, online, in the GYM and all over the world – right now!

Happy Pride Month y’all!




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June 14, 2017