The Bay Area is the heart and soul of the tech industry. And as a San Francisco video production company, Corduroy Media works with a lot of tech firms. The work our clients are doing is groundbreaking – not to mention, really cool. Sometimes, it can be tough to explain what they’re doing to people who aren’t technologically inclined. And if people don’t understand, then it’s hard to make them care.

So how does a tech company tell the story of their business in a way that gets people to stand up and take notice?

They call us.

People lead, technology follows

Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, called on Corduroy Media when they wanted to create a brand video to demonstrate the value of their enterprise wireless LAN solutions. Now, most of us have no idea what an enterprise wireless LAN solution is. But we do know how important it is to connect with our family, to protect our property, and to get access to quality healthcare – all of which Aruba’s products can help us achieve. So that’s the narrative we chose to tell.

In this video, we didn’t focus on the technology itself. Instead, we focused on what effect the technology has on people going about their daily lives. For Aruba, this means helping people be healthy, happy, and at their most productive – providing them with the tools they need to reach their personal and professional goals. And that’s something we all can relate to.

The essence of your business

The whole purpose of a brand film is to establish connections and build lasting relationships with consumers. When creating a brand video, relatability is key. But how do you make an esoteric high-tech concept relatable to the average consumer?

At Corduroy Media, we like to think of ourselves as distillers. Except instead of turning fermented liquid into single-malt Scotch, we’re turning a forty-page white paper into an engaging story that most everyone can identify with. By squeezing the essence out of technical specs, we simplify the complexities of your business – and help you connect to your customers.

Evoking emotion in a scene

The most powerful stories evoke emotion; an emotional reaction is what hooks us and keeps us engaged in a narrative. If you think about technology, though, you probably don’t get a case of the warm and fuzzies. So when we’re making a brand video, it’s important to bring the human elements front and center, just like we did for Nominum:

Nominum uses DNS technology to improve network performance and protect against cybersecurity threats. But the narratives in their brand film convey that their business is about so much more than just software. It’s about a connection between a stargazing dad and his daughter; it’s about a mom keeping her family happy and safe; and it’s about a small-business owner creating opportunities for growth while nurturing her relationship with her customers. It’s a story about how technology affects our lives. Because if technology doesn’t affect our lives, then why does it matter?

The same is true of your brand’s story: it only matters if it has an effect on people. And Corduroy Media understands how to tell stories that matter.