MLA Educational DVD Uses Spanish Subtitles to Gain a Wider Audience

Feb 3, 2009

We recently completed an educational DVD highlighting a unique and effective curriculum developed by Melrose Leadership Academy. After 6 months of shooting on location at the Oakland School we spent several months editing the various show segments for the DVD. While our client, Principal Moyra Contreras, was very pleased with the final production she noticed that when she showed it to many of the new-immigrant parents they quickly lost interest.

While the school has students from a diverse host of backgrounds the majority of the students come from Latino families that have recently immigrated to the US. Wanting to include all of the students and families in the video I suggested that instead of producing a Spanish version we simply add Spanish subtitles after photography and post-production is complete. Once we finish the next and final stage of post-production Moyra will be able to engage and include Spanish speaking families into the new curriculum.

The Melrose Leadership Academy Portfolio DVD is just one example of how Corduroy Media can be brought in at the very beginning stages of a project; help formulate the concept and execute the production from start to finish. Once Spanish subtitles have been complete we will explore distribution ideas with Ms. Contreras.