Cornerstone Research

Video Production San Francisco: Corporate

Cornerstone Research, a national economic and financial consulting firm, needed a range of video production in San Francisco and 6 other cities for their re-branding and recruitment efforts. Cornerstone’s project was logistically quite complex- Corduroy Media needed to travel to 7 offices across the country, film for a variety of end deliverables, and do it a tight turnaround. Corduroy Media shot dynamic interviews, captured cinematic b-roll, and shot the cities of each office to portray Cornerstone as the national firm that it is.

Our interview style focused on using natural scenes throughout each office to highlight the contemporary workplace and give an un-staged look to the piece.  Since this first production with Cornerstone Research, Corduroy Media has produced multiple video and still photography assets for the company, including a branded portrait series that included photographing more than 100 employees across the 7 offices.