Portraits and Commercial for A Local Yoga Studio

Mar 8, 2012

We recently produced a series of lifestyle photography images and a web-based commercial for a local yoga instructor, lucid dawn, to be used to promote her yoga studio. We began by scouting two unique locations near our studio in Berkeley. We decided to continue on the theme of our previous work for yoga teachers- the city yogi. The concept behind this work is that yoga will give you peace of mind no matter where you are. We see a lot of fitness imagery in ideal, natural locations, which doesn’t necessarily speak to the reality of what many of us living in a metropolitan area deal with on a day to day basis. With this idea in mind, we decided to shoot lucid against an urban backdrop. One of the reasons Lucid came to us was because of our studio’s ability to capture great still photography and video content in one place.

By doing some decent legwork in pre-production, we were able to color-coordinate Lucid’s outfit with our location to create an eye-popping final image to support our concept.  We also knew that shooting had to begin around 4pm to get lucid’s shadow in the right place on the wall. The pose was also an element we took into consideration. We flipped through multiple yoga anatomy books and picked a pose we thought would work well aesthetically with the shadow element. Two octaboxes and the ringflash were used to light our subject, and powered to balance the natural light to keep the scene organic. We also shot Lucid in a variety of poses and expressions to give her variety in the edit process.

We then headed to our second location, in Oakland, to shoot motion for the web commercial. Keeping on our theme, we decided to shoot lucid against the flow of rush hour traffic. This was an idea that we worked on during the pre-production process. Although the piece was meant to be short, we wanted to reveal the fact that lucid was amidst a turbulent setting.  With this idea in mind we knew that capturing a lot of great tight shots was a necessity. Shooting the grass also contributed to the overall concept. The results are above. Enjoy!