With so many San Francisco video production companies to choose from, it can be a challenge to find the right team to create high-quality, professional videos for your business. The truth is, there are a lot of shops out there that will be able to get you the look you want. But producing great videos is more than just slapping together raw footage and making it look pretty. In addition to knockout technical skills, a creative agency worth their salt will bring fresh ideas, inspired insight, and artistic leadership.

In a nutshell, a quality video production company will:

#1. Drive your project

What do we mean by “drive your project?” We mean taking ownership of the process, and assuming responsibility for getting it all done. From soliciting feedback to meeting interim goals to making sure the whole project sticks to its timeline, you shouldn’t ever have to wonder if everything’s going according to plan. A good video production company will work hard to keep your project on track and on budget – but they’ll also keep you up-to-speed on any unforeseen bumps in the road.

At Corduroy Media, each of our projects has a dedicated driver – in the form of a producer. The producer is responsible for steering the whole ship and guiding the project in the direction of success.

#2. Engage in deep collaboration

Having a driver for your project doesn’t mean surrendering creative control. In fact, we encourage our clients to participate in the production process, to sit beside us while we steer and to help us navigate. We find our best work comes from deep collaboration, where our ideas meld with those of our clients to create something completely new and original. We consider ourselves to be your creative partner.

#3. Push you to be your best

Our priority is delivering the best video we possibly can. And sometimes, that means challenging our clients to rethink their decisions or to try something different. Part of being a good partner is in knowing when to push back on existing ideas and when to bring new ideas to the table. Elevating your creative concepts is what working with a good production company is all about.

#4. Drop the Ego – Best Idea Wins!

Listen, everyone has an ego. . They’re very useful – they help us survive and get what we want. But when it comes to creative work, overbearing egos get in the way and slow things down. Your creative partner should come to the table with great ideas but also have a open mind to new ways of solving the creative puzzle. The best idea should win, no matter who came up with it.

Working with Corduroy Media

Whether you know exactly what you want your video project to look like, or you need someone to help you define your vision, Corduroy Media can help.

When you come to us with your initial inquiry, our first step is listening: to your wishes, to your requirements, and to your ideas. Once we’ve got a solid grasp on what it is you’re looking for, we move onto pitching potential projects. Depending on your desired level of engagement, this could involve a brainstorming session – and that’s where the collaborative sparks start to fly.

After we nail down an idea that excites you, we’ll put together a formal proposal – including a creative treatment, a budget, and a timeline – and once it’s approved, we hit the ground running.

The lifecycle of a project at Corduroy goes something like this:

  • Pre-production. There’s a lot of work we’ve got to do before the cameras roll – like, scriptwriting, casting, scouting locations, and conducting interviews.
  • Principal photography. Lights, camera, action! It’s time to shoot all the footage that will end up on screen.
  • Post-production. This is where the magic happens: we edit our footage, adding animation or special effects to help tell your story in the most powerful way possible.
  • Revisions. We do a number of internal revisions before sending you a rough cut of the final draft. At this point, though, there shouldn’t be any surprises, since you’ve been sitting right next to us throughout the whole process – in-the-know on all pre-production deliverables, on the set, and during post-production.
  • Delivery. You sign off on the final product, and take it back to your stakeholders looking like the hero you are.

Having a blast

Video production is hard work, and we take our jobs very seriously. But we also have a lot of fun while we’re doing it – and our clients do, too. Time and again, we’ve received testimonials talking about the “joy” of working with Corduroy Media.

We have to say, the feeling is mutual.