Take the First Step: Teladoc’s Contribution to World Mental Health Day

Nov 22, 2019

We know how difficult it can be to ask for help in a society that stigmatizes mental illness and prefers to focus on public profile, popularity and success. But our feelings and internal environments are real, and they deserve to be heard. That’s why when the team here at Corduroy Media, a San Francisco video production company and creative agency was asked by one of our partners in telemedicine if we would create a social media campaign to celebrate mental wellness for World Mental Health Day, we declaratively said yes!

Every year on October 10th, organizations around the world post on social media channels to raise awareness about mental health issues and mobilize efforts to create stronger support systems. We partnered with Teladoc, to create an upbeat, emotionally driven video campaign, celebrating how getting help can positively change one’s life.

Launched on World Mental Health Day, this brand campaign, created by Corduroy Media, aimed to change the conversation around how we talk about mental health. By using each character’s inner voice, we tell a story about how we should go beyond destigmatizing and celebrate the steps we take for our mental health. Motion graphics over cut downs were delivered for social. Click here to see the rest of our portfolio for Teladoc.

– Taylor Hassen Lambert, Production Coordinator and Crescent Diamond, Executive Producer, Corduroy Media