Bella Hayes


Bella was conceived in Hawaii, born in Florida and raised in San Diego. She gravitates to warmer climates, which is why after moving to the Bay Area and living with the afternoon breeze freeze in San Francisco for 13 years she could suffer it no longer and moved 10 miles to the East.  She has been basking in the warm Oakland sunshine for the last 8 years. Sunshine and running are the support structures of her optimistic nature.  Bella has an amazing fiancé, 4 children (all boys), a brown dog and a one eyed cat. She runs the streamlined financial side of Corduroy Media with speed and precision. She has a history of building, managing and restructuring all financial aspects of many different types of companies (SAAS, Architectural & Design, Consulting). She has grown with a company (from 10 to 65 employees), and successfully lead an audit and 2 rounds of due diligence. She’s a numbers gal.  To her, accounting both an art and a science.