Elizabeth Salaam


Elizabeth Salaam spent the most of her childhood waiting to be told that she was, as she suspected, a fairy princess who had been mistakenly left behind by her people. Rescue was imminent. Of this she was sure.

There is a part of her that is still waiting.

In the meantime, Elizabeth sustains herself on the creation and consumption of novels and stories.

Between 2010 and 2015, she wrote 50 cover stories for the San Diego Reader, as well as dozens of feature profiles and news stories. She has also been published in Elle magazine, and her novel Blink was long-listed for the 2013 Mslexia novel competition. Elizabeth’s storytelling background serves her well as a Corduroy Media script-writer. Her two favorite states of being are 1) when she’s deep in the creative process, and 2) when she steps out of the creative process and joins the world again. Also, she really loves to solve the Daily Jumble.