Evan Olds

Motion Graphics Artist

Often found jockeying multiple computers and devices at the Corduroy Media studio, Evan prefers to speak in ones and zeros – when the rest of the Corduroy Media team makes a promise to a client, he’s the often times the one that backs it up with amazing computer wizardry!

Evan has always had a love for storytelling, as a young boy his passion for art began with crayons and coloring books. At the age of 10, Evan became extremely fascinated by this new medium of computer generated graphics that was being used in film and animation. He decided to pursue this intriguing field and dedicated his life to becoming an accomplished Motion Graphic Artist in this new and exciting Digital Era. After receiving his Bachelors degree from Expression College in Motion Graphic Design in 2014, Evan has since joined the Corduroy Media team, working to create 3d animation and motion graphics for a variety of clients. In his free time Evan enjoys cooking gourmet food, being outdoors and exploring all the great things the Bay Area has to offer.