Evan Rodriguez

Lead Editor

Evan, better known around the studio as “Chippy,” is the freshest member of the Corduroy Crew. An eclectic old soul who draws on creative inspiration while communing with nature. He then stores all of those creative juices in that sweet ‘stache!

Chippy earned his stripes in his hometown of Miami as a shooter & editor. Starting out as a run-and-gun style kid with a camera, he shot music video after music video for next to nothing, making mistakes and learning along the way. After years of street level hustling, he worked his way up into one of Miami’s best known production studios. He spent the next 4 years becoming a well groomed cinematographer & editor.

With a bright future ahead of him in Miami, he woke up one morning with wanderlust and decided to leave it all behind. With the Bay Area teasing him for years, Chippy finally gave in. He took a huge leap of faith and traveled across country. Fortunate for the whole Corduroy Media family, he landed in the Corduroy Studio.