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Gabriella Ventuso Lead Producer at Corduroy Media

Gabriella Ventuso

Senior Producer

Casting Director

Gaby is the resident “Mother of Dragons” for Corduroy Media. Which means in addition to being our Senior Producer and our Casting Director she manages some of our biggest projects. When she is not shepherding a new project thru the stages of production she keeps the creative supernova that makes up the CM team working at light speed.

Gaby joined Corduroy Media in 2014 after spending over a year in France where she learned to drop vowels from perfectly good words and eat the stinkiest of cheeses. Since receiving her B.A. in Radio, Television and Film from San Jose State University, Gaby has worked in variety of mediums including Promotions Director and Segment Producer for 90.5 KSJS and as a production consultant and casting director for other Bay Area production companies.

When she isn’t keeping the train on the rails at Corduroy Media, Gaby enjoys finding the definitive answer to the question “Where is the best ramen?”