THE RECRUITS – A World Premiere at SF DocFest

May 7, 2019

THE RECRUITS – A World Premiere at SF DocFest

After over ten years of production, Corduroy Media is proud to announce, THE RECRUITS, a new feature length documentary. The Recruits has been selected for it’s premiere screening at SF DocFest on Saturday June 8th and Wednesday June 12th at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco, CA.

Co-directed by Carl Brown and Sean Donnelly, the feature-length film takes a critical look at how we educate our young people in a violent and militarized US society. The film follows several families from Temecula Valley, CA who enroll their kids in an obscure military-style training program called the Young Marines. As young as eight years old, these suburban kids learn how to survive in a military-style rank structure, how to use a firearm, and how to take orders over the course of the nine-week program. The boys’ families and caregivers grapple with the harshness of the program and the value of discipline that it instills.

In an exclusive director’s note, Carl reflects:

“Through our exploration of The Young Marines we not only filmed close order drill, firearms training, and kids learning the Marine way of life. We explored the rich tapestry of home life and familial motivations that shape these children’s opinions and personalities for life. We learned, that like many issues, The Young Marines is a more complex story than meets the eye.”

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