Using the New Canon EOS 7D for Run-N-Gun Commercial Production

Nov 22, 2009

Like many video producers and shooters all over the world, I have been fascinated by the depth of field and image quality of the new generation of DSLR still cameras with full resolution HD video. Running a small video production company in the Bay Area, I am always looking for new tools that allow me to offer my clients the highest production quality for their dime. So far, this camera definitely has allowed me to do that. Last week I just finished our first promotional/commercial shoot with the 7D for a new Bay Area bag maker; Mission Workshop to launch their new line staring The Vandal.

This piece was shot in a single day with a production crew of two, myself shooting, and a production assistant/camera assistant Johnny Carroll. We had no-script, no  shot list and virtually no pre-production planning (which I don’t recommend). The client, Mission Workshop, was on a restrictive budget and super short time-line in order to get the video done for the launch of their new website. Considering the lack of pre-production time and the 48 hour turn-around, I am happy with the overall look and feel of the video. ( In following posts I will talk about my camera set-up and post-production processing).

Check out the video: