Corduroy Media is a creative agency and San Francisco Bay Area video production company that creates story driven content for brands.

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Haggar Clothing Co.

World Class Comfort Commercial – 30 sec. Spot

June Oven

Make Great Food

Haggar Clothing Co.

ASPCA Social Campaign

Simpson Strong Tie

Yield Link Brand Film


Child Patient Documentary Short

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An Introduction

Corduroy Media is a San Francisco Bay Area video production company and creative agency.

Since 2003, Corduroy Media has provided creative storytelling and production services to a host of clients.

Whether the story is about new technology, a social issue, a non-profit, a corporation or an individual we help our clients successfully engage their audience and communicate “their” story. We are one of the leading San Francisco Bay Area video production companies.

Before we even get to the medium in which our clients want to display their work, we get down and dirty with the concept. We provide creative direction, concept development, script writing, and storyboarding services. The way we see it, every idea is like a seed. That seed needs to be nurtured, watered, and maybe even moved around to a different part of the garden before it can flourish. Ideas need concept development to make sure the execution (whether video content, still photography, or animation) translates into something unique. No, we don’t work within your organization, and this is a good thing! Ever heard someone tell you not to edit your own work? This applies to creative production as well. Let’s face it, you are too close to your mission. You are emotionally involved. As creative professionals, we absorb your ideas, let them swirl around our overactive imaginations, get excited, bounce ideas all over the place, and come up with concepts that illustrate your mission clearly.

Welcome to our site, take a moment to look around in our motion portfolio, you’ll find a variety of work from Animation, to Testimonial to Documentary style productions. In our still portfolio you’ll find photography that ranges from outdoor lifestyle and adventure to corporate headshots and portraits. As a an Francisco Bay Area video production company we have produced a dynamic range of content for a variety of brands.

Each one of our projects starts with a conversation so give us a call. We would love to hear about your story and share our ideas about how we can tell it in an engaging way.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Carl D. Brown | Executive Creative Director

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